Harrington 'The Arab' ordinary bicycle

This Harrington has been kept at Schloss Thun in Switserland and it was preseved like a real treasure. The result is an incredible original paint, over 125 years old.
The small plate on the dust cover of the Stanley-head proudly tells us: 'The Arab Harrington's patent'. 
'The Arab' being the model name of this bicycle. 
And then we see such nice details, like the very fine brake spoon. Typical is the 'hollow' hub, and the cranks, which are screwed on the axle, before fixation with the usual cotter pins. 

Another interesting detail is the serial number, 16201. This is stamped in the way Singer and CMC did this, but CMC skipped the 16000-series in 1879 and Singer built bicycles with these numbers around 1881-1882.  The step also is typical for Singer. But the cowhorn handlebars were not introduced until 1883. Who gives the answer? Did Harrington really built more that 16000 bicycles? Who knows? 
You can read here more on Mr. Harrington and his numerous patents. 
This bicycle shows a Humber-type saddle spring and (according to an English expert) BSA-bearings. 

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